Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Powerful Handwriting Tool - Detect Text with 97% Accuracy

In 2012 introduce handwriting tool to Google Translate for Android. With this tool you can translate queries on your mobile phone or tablet without using the keyboard. Now, this tool is also available for Desktop users. Using this option a web user can translate words without knowing how to type the character. For example: suppose you want to the meaning of "भारत" in English but you don't know that how to type these characters in Hindi to know its meaning.

For this Google Handwriting tool provide a scratch pad, here you can write anything using simple drawing and Google convert it into digital text. The accuracy of this Handwriting tools is more than 97% to detect the text from scratch pad and Google also suggest related words.

Virtual Keyboard, Input Method Editors (IMEs) and Google Transliteration is also a useful input tools available for Google Translator.

How to use Google Handwriting tool:

Currently Google Handwriting input tool are available for three Google products Drive, Docs and Translator, with supports over 50 languages. Here some easy to understand steps are given to using Handwriting tool for Google Translator.

Step 1 - Open Google Translator.

Step 2 - Now choose a language using 'Detect Language' drop-down.(for instance - I have select 'Hindi' as a language)

Step 3 - Now go to 'Select Input Tool' and choose 'Handwriting' option it’s represented by a pencil  According to below image.

Step 4 - Now a scratch pad is shown. You can just draw a shape of character or words that you want to convert. And just hit 'Space Key' to get the word into translate window.

At the bottom of scratch pad list of suggestions are available you can choose word one of them. If you draw wrong shape just go to backspace to erase the draw shape.

7 Hidden features of Google handwriting tool: 

We are revealing some undocumented or hidden futures of translator handwriting tool which increase your capacity to use this tool.

1. If you want to save draw character/signature as a transparent background image, then simply right click on the scratch pad and choose ‘Save Image As…’ option.

2. If you want to get 100% width of scratch pad, then double click on ‘user grip webkit’ button(at the left top corner of scratch pad) to get 100% width.

3. You can simply move the scratch pad by press and hold ‘user grip webkit’ button.

4. Use 'Backspace Key' to remove shape from scratch pad.

5. Use Space-bar or Enter Key to insert first suggested option at bottom panel.

6. If you want to type documents in regional language, but don’t know how to type (or no font available) then simply use this tool with efficient speed.

7. Best learning way for kids.