Wednesday, 5 March 2014

How to Change the Boot Order (Sequence / Priority)

Many times we need to change the boot order of storage devices like Hard Disk, CD/DVD, USB Drive etc. Change in boot order is required to install fresh Operating System of Windows, Linux or Mac by using USB Drive or CD/DVD etc. It can be done by using BIOS setup Utility.

To change the boot order use just follow these steps:
Step 1: Restart the Computer and Watch for the BIOS Setup Message.

Setp 2: Their are lot of BIOS manufacturer are available. The BIOS setup Key is different for each variety of computer.Usually following keys are used for BIOS setup.

  1. ESC
  2. F1
  3. DEL
  4. F2
  5. F10

for more BIOS Setup Utility Keys Visit following website:

Step 3: Now BIOS setup is opend. Here multiple menus or tabs are available.

Step 4: You just click on Advance BIOS features Option.

Step 5: Select the First Boot device that you want to select. I have select USB-HDD for Removable USB drive.

Setp 6: Now Press F10 for Save New boot sequence.Then press Y and Hit Enter.

Note: please select second or third boot device Priority as a Hard Disk. if Pen dirve is not boot for technical reason than Hard Disk is auomatically boot.