Wednesday, 25 January 2017

You can hire hackers to hack someone's account or website

You can hire hackers to hack someone's gmail or Facebook account, For hack websites. Many black hat hackers offering services, to gain someone’s website database, to gain access of social media accounts, modify something in another website/server.

During the surfing on the "deep web", I found a website that offer such type Services. Hacker say's that "Ill do anything for money, im not a pussy :) if you want me to destroy some bussiness or a persons life, ill do it!"'

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Make Free Mobile Calls with Unknown Number using Internet

If you want to make free internet calls using web browser then this post is helpful for you. After reading this post you can do following things :-

          1. Make Free International Calls.
          2. Free phone calls over more than 200 countries.
          3. You do not need any registration.
          4. Don't Pay anything for phone Calls.
          5. Call with unknown number.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Powerful Handwriting Tool - Detect Text with 97% Accuracy

In 2012 introduce handwriting tool to Google Translate for Android. With this tool you can translate queries on your mobile phone or tablet without using the keyboard. Now, this tool is also available for Desktop users. Using this option a web user can translate words without knowing how to type the character. For example: suppose you want to the meaning of "भारत" in English but you don't know that how to type these characters in Hindi to know its meaning.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

How to use Google Cloud Print - print anywhere from any device

Google Cloud Print 

This is a new technology developed by Google that use to connect your printer with Internet. Using Google cloud print anyone that you choose can send a print from any web connected devices like Mobile, PC, Laptops, Tablets, chrome book etc.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Ammyy Admin - Zero configuration remote desktop connection software

Ammyy Admin

What is Ammyy Admin ?

Ammyy Admin is a Zero configuration remote desktop connection software. It is use to easily share a desktop over the Internet within few seconds.

Situation Where you can use Ammyy Admin -

1- When you urgently want some necessary files from a PC that located at home or in office.
2- To resolve the troubles over the Internet to help your friends.

Friday, 23 January 2015

How to Send Executable File Via Email

How to Send Executable File Via Email

Many times we want to send some executable file (like .exe .bat .msi etc.) via email but most of people have trouble to send an exe file via email. I am also face this problem many times.

Is it possible to Send an executable file (.exe) via Email?

No, Generally It's not possible, because according to email client software an executable file may be harmful for others. So all popular email provider's not allowed to attach an executable file with email.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Hide data behind the Image (Steganography Technique)

hide data behind image

What is Steganography?

In common worlds Steganography is a Technique for Hiding an object (like text, image, file etc.) behind another object. So no one can access your files rather than you. For Example you can hide a text file (that is written in notepad) behind an Image and when you open this file only image is shown; no one can see your text. But if you see your text, you can do it. How Can It Possible? Just read below....

How can it helpful for you?

If you want to hide your password file that is written in notepad, microsoft word, microsoft excel etc. than it is possible to hide this file behind an image file. so no one can trace that where you keep your all passwords.