Wednesday, 5 March 2014

How Can Create a Bootable Pen Drive of Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8

In Current Scenario, USB/Flash Drives are widely used as compare to CD/DVD. USB Drives are more useful compare to other optical dirves due to following Reason -
1. They do not need to additional drivers
2. Higher Storage Capacity
3. Reusable

How can create a bootable Pendrive of Windows xp/Vista/7/8 :
To create a bootable pendrive of windows xp you required following tools or software
1. image file of windows xp/Vista/7/8 ( image file must be extract into the folder)
2. WinToFlash Software
3. Pen Drive

Step 1: First of all goto following link to download the WinToFlash Software.

Step 2: Install the Novicop WinToFlash Software

Step 3: Run to software and goto advance mode then select the Task as

"Transfer Windows XP/2003 setup to USB drive" (for windows xp and windows server 2003)
"Transfer Windows Vista/2008/7/8 setup to USB drive" (for windows Vista/7/8 or windows server 2008"

 and Click on Create Button.

Step 4: Now select the path of Extracted Windows xp/Vista/7/8 image file in "Windows Source path" textbox. And select the USB Drive path under "USB Drive" textbox.

Setp 5: Now Click on Run Button, then new window is open. In whcih accept the license agreement of windows xp and click on Continue Button.

Setp 6: Then Warning Message is show for Formatting will erase all data on USB disk. You just click on Continue. Then click on ok for License restriction.

Step 7: Now Transferring Windows Setup to USB drive... process is stared. It takes some time to transfer data on USB drive.

Setp 8: After Transferring process is finished just click on ok button and Exit from the WinToFlash software.

Your Bootable USB Drive (Pen Drive) is Created and Ready for Use.

Just Setup the Boot sequence as a USB drive to install a Fresh copy of Windows xp/Vista/7/8.

To Setup to Boot Sequence just visit following link:

How to Change the Boot Order / Sequence / Priority