Friday, 23 January 2015

How to Send Executable File Via Email

How to Send Executable File Via Email

Many times we want to send some executable file (like .exe .bat .msi etc.) via email but most of people have trouble to send an exe file via email. I am also face this problem many times.

Is it possible to Send an executable file (.exe) via Email?

No, Generally It's not possible, because according to email client software an executable file may be harmful for others. So all popular email provider's not allowed to attach an executable file with email.

How can Send Executable file via Email?

The most common and popular method is, you can share the link of executable file. For this first of all you must be upload file on the web. After than it is possible to share this file with others. But this method required high speed Internet connection. and it's tiny complex method rather than send file directly with attachment.

Now the Question is what is the Easiest Method to send executable (exe) file via Email?
The Answer is you can send file with different file extension.

Send EXE file directly via Email-

Now I am shown the complete method to send EXE file via Email. Just read below-

1- First of all It is Necessary to show the extension of particular file.

For this

Open any folder -> Go to Menu bar and select Tools option -> then select folder options...

step 1 for extension change

Now folder Options dialog box is appear. In such dialog box go to View Tab. Now in Advanced settings uncheck the option "Hide extensions for known file types" and then click Ok

step 2 for extension change

2- Now Just click on the file which you want to send via email and rename it. Then replace the file extension with any text.
For example assume your file name is "uTorrent.exe" then rename it with "". Now a dialog box appear and confirm "Are you sure you want to change it?" so just click on yes.

change extension

3- Now simply attached this file with Email and send it.