Wednesday, 31 December 2014

10 Time Saving Shortcuts Tricks (Part 1: Speed Up Tedious Tasks)

Important Key combinations to do some important tasks without go through long menus. Boost your working efficiency to doing some tedious task on your PC. Microsoft windows have a lot of shortcuts key combination, but it is not possible to remember all shortcuts. therefore I am providing selected shortcuts To make an impression on your boss, coworkers and friends.


You have just finished typing a long paragraph without look up on the screen, and when you seen on the screen. You Amaze and realize that Caps Lock is ON.
Now what are you doing ?
Choose long way and typing all out again. Stop..... and try this.
Just select the text or paragraph, hold down the shift key and press F3 key to return text to  capitalize the first letter of every word, press the shortcut again to all lower case and again hit the shortcut to return to upper case. This trick work in microsoft word and powerpoint. don't work in notepad.

SHIFT + F3 key combination


Can you use mouse wheel to scroll a webpage or ebook for reading. Just STOP and use SPACEBAR to go down the screen and hit SHIFT + SPACEBAR  to go up the screen. This is right time to replace your mouse wheel to SPACEBAR.

Window Key (Picture of the Windows logo key) + 1,2,3....

Are you working on multiple programs simultaneously in windows ? If, Yes then this shortcut is very useful for you. first of all open all program on which you want to work concurrently. they all applications are shown in taskbar at bottom.
Now hold the Picture of the Windows logo key key and press 1 to open the first program from the left hand side on the taskbar. Press Picture of the Windows logo key + 2 to open second program and so on.

switching between application

Note: Don't use NumLock Keys, they don't work.
Note: Pinned program in taskbar also considerable as an open program.


Some time you need to copy text content from web and other sources and paste it into microsoft word to do your job. But problem is, "How to remove unwanted formatting like web links, bold, Italic, Underline, or any color combination." The solution is, "Select text content and remove all formatting by using CTRL + SPACEBAR."

CTRL + 1,2,3.....

This shortcut is useful for who, that work on multiple tabs in browser like Chrome, Firefox, IE etc. In Browser all Tabs are numbered from left to right by 1,2,3 and so on. Use this shortcut for switching between tabs in browser. Just think you work on first tab of your browser and want to go on fifth tab, press CTRL + 5  to go to on fifth tab.


The simplest way to switching among multiple applications during working on PC. Use ALT + TAB key combination. When you press ALT + TAB, a short window will appear. then just hold down the ALT key and press TAB key alternatively to switching between windows. Use more variation of this shortcut using ALT + CTRL + TAB and Picture of the Windows logo key + TAB.

ALT +TAB to switch window

Window Key (Picture of the Windows logo key) + Arrow Keys

Useful shortcut for onscreen open windows management. window management means you can adjust open windows according to your requirement. This is mainly useful when you need to compare to documents.
To adjust open browser(or any window) in left side Just hold down the window key and press left arrow key.To adjust another window screen  in right side hold down the window key and press right arrow key.
You can also use Picture of the Windows logo key + UP arrow key for maximize the window and use Picture of the Windows logo key + DOWN arrow key to minimize the current window.

F2 Key

What are you think about F2 key ? Just Rename selected file. No, It is more than to rename a selected file. 
For example : you have captured a lot of photos with your new camera and than transfer all photos into your computer. they all photos have default name like 'DSC34823' that you don't like. now you want to rename all photos.
Can you rename all photos one by one. STOP and do this -
Select All photos that you want to rename than press F2 key and type a name that you want to seen after rename and press ENTER. now all photos have your type name as a prefix and use integer as a postfix.

Window Key (Picture of the Windows logo key) + plus sign (+)

Commonly all smart phone user swap two finger to Zoom In or Zoom Out screen.  If you want to do this task on computer than what you do? Now use Picture of the Windows logo key + Plus Sign or Minus Sign   ( Picture of the Windows logo key  + '+') to Enlarge your display screen or reduce it.

magnify the current display


Some time you want to connect a word to web using hyperlink. when you build a hypertext, many time you search how to add hyperlink, but you unable to find the option to create hyperlink. CTRL + K is a shortcut to add or remove hyperlink on a selected text.

Well these are my some best time saving shortcuts which are very helpful for me, and I’m sure it will helpful for you too. They’ll shortcuts change your working experience.
What other Shortcuts do you use for saving your time ? I would exciting to read your experience in comments.