Monday, 17 February 2014

Download Whole Website on Computer

If you want to download a website on your computer then it is possible by using WinWSD WebSite Downloader. WinWSD is a tool that is used to download whole websites on your computer. When WinWSD download the website then you do not need the internet connection for this particular website. This software is FREEWARE, so it can be copied freely. 

Generally if we want to save some pages of a website then only few number of pages are saved manually. it is not possible to save all pages of a website manually. To solve this problem WinWSD tool is developed as a freeware. Using this tool we can save whole website on our computer with all pages linking. And this offline website is available 24 X 7  without internet requirement.

How to Use WinWSD Website Downloader:-

First of all download the WinWSD WebSite Downloader. Then install this software in your computer. And follow these steps to download a website.

Step 1:  Select a website or blog to download. I have choose for downloading on my PC.

Step 2: Now Open the WinWSD and Create new project from
File -> New Project

Step 3: Now Select Location, where you want to save your offline website and Enter a new file name and  Click on Save Button.

Step 4: After then project setting windows is open.
Go to in General Tab Type the project name
then select project type
  then To add the starting URL Click on Add Button and type the website  URL  and name of website.

Step 5: Then Go to on Misc. Tab and Select Number of Threads. It define number of links where the website is downloaded. And Enter the Maximal file size. It define the maximum size of a every page in kilobytes. Now Click on OK Button.

Step 6: At last, To Start the project :
Go to Project -> Start/Restart

Now your website downloading process is started. The whole website is stored in directory structure. so you can carry this website anywhere and use anytime.

Recommended system requirements -

  1. Pentium III, AMD Athlon processor 
  2. 128MB memory 
  3. Windows 98 
  4. VGA supporting the resolution of 1024x768 
  5. Internet access 

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